Assessment of Additional Call for Projects

2016 01 13
On the 29th of December 2015 The NGO Programme Lithuania Operator Board meeting was held. During the meeting the list of applications of projects recommended for funding for Additional Call for Complementary Activities (hereinafter referred to as Additional Call), formed by Selection Committee, was reviewed. The list of comments, suggestions and recommendations which was provided by Selection Committee and evaluation experts was assessed and the decision for grants was made. 

The assessment of additional residual amounts of support from completed projects was made and funding for Additional Call have been increased from EUR 32,382.75 to EUR 53,933.00. We are glad to offer additional funding for a greater number of projects.

Please find the approved list of funded projects, projects in reserved list and non-funded projects, here. Additional funding might be offered for the projects in reserve list after the allocation of additional funding to approved for funding projects, and only after the on-going projects of NGO Programme will be completed. 

Project Supervisors will contact with every executor of funded Project due to the provided comments, suggestions and recommendations as well as the amendment of Project Implementation Agreement.