Successful communication begins with the answer to the right question

2014 11 14
Successful communication begins with the answer to the right question
How do you want to be perceived by the society? And how are you perceived in fact? These are two questions the interactive communication trainings for project promoters of the 2nd Open Call began with. 
Indeed, very simple questions turns out to become the cornerstones for the successful communication. "The website of the organization is not another ordinary place in the global web. The same could be said about the account at the social network. In fact, these two expose the face of the organization. It is the Communication.“ – emphasized the experienced journalist Artūras Račas.
"Non-governmental organizations in Lithuania fight for the most vulnerable people's rights and social welfare, but communication often remains in second place. Lack of time, financial resources, or maybe an idea of "building the image“ have negative associations – notes Jovita Valeikaitė, NGO Programme Communication officer. However, absence of communication is a real threat to the organization's reputation in the modern world."
Artūras Račas together with Jovita Valeikaite, carefully reviewed the web pages and accounts at social networks of all the project promoters, as well as analyzed the most visible information on the internet (particularly the first Google search pages). Successful examples and the most common mistakes became the starting point in the Communications training.
How to formulate a message of the organization correctly? How to find the right channels for dissemination of the massage? How to hit the target correctly? All these questions were answered by illustrating the very specific examples. The effective and free of charge (or very easily earned) communication channels were discussed during the Communication trainings. 
Communication is a complex process but it starts always with few simple questions –“Who am I?”, “What am I doing?”, “Who/What is important for me?”, “Do I have the ones who do care about me?”. Successful communication starts with correct and elaborated answers to these questions. 
"It's like a complicated machine, which requires a lot of knowledge and practice” - says Kęstutis Gečas, the owner of renowned „INK AGENCY“, working in the field of public relations. “Nevertheless it is important to learn how to drive in the beginning. You will start changing oil later.“ 
In the end inspired participants in no hurry to disperse discussed experiences and new challenges that are awaiting them.