Trainings for project promoters

2014 09 22
Trainings for project promoters

As a general measure to prevent irregularities Fund Operator organizes interactive trainings for project promoters of the Second Call that include project implementation monitoring and reporting, ensuring quality of project activities, options and procedure for project activities and/or budget amendments, project visibility, publicity and communication requirements, planning financial flows. 

Participants will be introduced with project monitoring, accounting and reporting procedures, quality assurance requirements, project amendment procedures and a lot more points related to the implementation of the projects. 
Projects promoters will be provided with forms, instructions and guidelines on the following issues: Implementation of project activities, achievement of indicators, Project reporting (including forms); Project risk assessment and management; Finance management; Project visibility and communication requirements. Communication and cooperation with the NGO Programme Lithuania, including procedure of communication with the Project supervisors.
Trainings for project promoters will be held on 28th of October (HRMI Didžioji  5, Conference hall, Vilnius). 
The Communication trainings will be held on 11th and 12th of November (HRMI Didžioji  5, Conference hall, Vilnius).
Registration deadline for both trainings are the 1st of October. 
Important! Just 1-2 persons from one organization could participate in the trainings.