Results of 2nd Open Call (UPDATED)

2014 07 18
Results of 2nd Open Call (UPDATED)

On 16-17 July, 2014 Selection Committee held consecutive meetings to decide on recommendations for funding of the small and large projects of the 2nd Open Call of the NGO Programme Lithuania.

Committee reviewed all applications that have passed the administrative and eligibility screening, and were evaluated by independent expert. Based on position of applications in the ranking list according to scores assigned by independent experts (see evaluation criteria here) and amount of funds allocated for the 2nd Open Call (see the total amount and allocations per Outcomes here), Committee formed recommendations for funding and reserve list of projects. Projects on the reserve list shall be contacted in the order of sequence in the ranking list and based on the remains of allocations in each outcome.
Management Board (MB) of NGO Programme Operator decided to suggest Project Selection Committee (PSC) creating reserve project lists of Outcomes No. 4 and No. 8. This is suggested to ensure equal opportunities to be granted for all applicants regardless of which outcome has been selected in the applications. PSC has not formed a reserve project lists for indicated outcomes previously, nevertheless there might be some residual funds left after all recommended projects are granted. Therefore MB sees it would be fair and justified to have reserve project lists in all outcomes of the Programme. Following the link below one may find updated project list of 2nd open call with the above indicated changes.
List of projects of the 2nd Open Call is provided by Outcomes. See here the list where for your convenience:
- The projects recommended for funding are highlighted in green;
- The projects in the reserve list are highlighted in yellow;
- The projects that were not included in the list of projects recommended for funding and reserve list are not highlighted.
List of projects confirmed for funding by the Fund Operator Management Board shall be published in September 2014, after conditions, recommendations and comments by Selection Committee and independent experts are agreed upon with the applicants in the list recommended for funding and reserve list.
Updated 23 July, 2014