Let‘s stop persecution of Hungarian NGOs together

2014 06 12
Does the criticism in democratic society become intolerable?

Is Hungary becoming a sympathizer of Russian methods when attacking and harassing NGOs?
A Hungarian party in power “Fidesz” has started its second term in Hungarian Government – the one that is characterized by destruction of independent institutions and foundations of parliamentarism, and most recently by efforts to silence the remaining critics.
Just after starting its operation this Government has blacklisted Norwegian Civic Fund Operator Ökotárs Alapítvány and its grantees – independent Hungarian civil society organizations – due to assumed political ties. On 2nd June officers of national audit institution of Hungary has performed several unlawful raids at the offices of Fund Operator and its partners. Last Friday the Fund Operator was has been threatened to deprive the organization of the taxpayer identification number. 
Immediately after these events the chief editor of independent news agency ORIGO was discharged from his duty. 
NGO Programme Lithuania asks the Hungarian Government to stop the unprecedented attack against independent NGOs, respect the democratic principles and the rule of law, and cease the administrative and political harassment of the Norwegian Civic Fund.
What can YOU do?
Today join the European protest against actions of Hungarian Government and express your solidarity with Hungarian civil society and independent media. 
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