Matchmaking seminar - for successful partnerships

2014 02 25
Matchmaking seminar - for successful partnerships

Norwegian NGO sector can share impressive amount of experience accumulated over more than a hundred years of its history. First NGOs addressed alcohol dependency issues and fought for women rights, whereas today Norway has thousands of diverse NGOs, including membership-based and professional public policy NGOs  with excellent skills in advocacy and active participation in policy- and decision-making. 

No wonder that Norwegian NGO sector involves 5 million people – every Norwegian is a member of 4 to 5 non-governmental organizations. “Norway would not have managed to become one of the world’s most developed democracies without the contributions from a strong civil society,” said Jens Stoltenberg, the former Prime Minister of Norway.

The organizations in Iceland are active in campaigning and advocating for change. Icelandic NGO’s offer professionally researched and well-grounded information and advice to Government on diverse human rights issues. They work in partnership with public sector to achieve common goals, and at the same time NGOs are free to criticize government and exercise this right whenever. 

On 12th February, 2014 the Matchmaking seminar for NGOs from Lithuania, Norway and Iceland was held in Vilnius. The aim of this seminar was to expand NGO field of activity, establish and develop bilateral relations and partnerships. Strengthening bilateral relations between Lithuania and Donor States is one of the key objectives of NGO Programme Lithuania.
More information about the seminar and pictures may be found here.