No Hate Speech Movement On The Radio

2013 11 11

In the anticipation of the 2013 Fundamental Rights Conference, the Human Rights Monitoring Institute hosted a series of radio talk shows „Person to Person“ introducing the audience into the issues of crimes motivated by hatred and prejudice, including racism and xenophobia, hate speech and other expressions of intolerance as well as the initiatives to combat them, such as the “No Hate Speech Movement”. 

The series of shows raised the following issues:

1. Rimvydas Valentukevičius, the prosecutor with the Prosecutor General's Office of The Republic of Lithuania, described the prevalence of hate crimes in Lithuania, their legal regulation and outlined the challenges to the effective investigation.    
2. Natalija Bitiukova, a lawyer with the HRMI, provided an in-depth look into the history and psychology of hate crimes and hate speech, including infamous and notable cases from criminal tribunals for Nuremberg and Rwanda. 
3. Alina Mickevič and Mindaugas Lankauskas, researches with the Institute of Law, presented the findings of their interviews with the prosecutor and law-enforcement officials. The researches have studied how the officers treat the victims of hate crimes in practice, what are their views vis-à-vis bias-motivated crimes, and what difficulties they encounter in the course of the criminal investigation.
4. The next Tuesday‘s show will bring in the perspective of the victims of hate crimes. It will aim to find out how the hate crime victims were treated by the law enforcement officers in practice, what views vis-à-vis hate crime officers demonstrated, how well they informed the victims of their status and related rights, as well as what difficulties victims encountered in the course of the criminal investigation. HRMI‘s researcher will present the findings of a series of interviews with hate crimes victims conducted in 2013, one of the victims will share his personal experience on air.
“Person to Person” („Žmogus žmogui“) is a weekly radio talk show hosted by the HRMI on the “News Radio.” Initially launched in 2011 as a three-month project, it extended and became a weekly program which brings relevant human rights issues into public discourse.
Radio station "Žinių radijas“ („News Radio“)  is broadcasting since March of 2000. During more than 13 years „Žinių radijas“ became famous as one of the most expeditious and impartial media in Lithuania. Target audience – decision-makers and other active people, who create a product (material, intelectual, other), who want to live better and look for the ways how to do it. Statistical listener of "Žinių radijas" is a man of 40 years or older with a higher education, living in a city and earning more than 700 euro per month.