2nd Call for proposals

Guidelines for Applicants to the NGO Programme Lithuania second open call for proposals

NGO Programme Operator has approved the Guidelines for Applicants for the second open call for proposals. You may download the documents by selecting the links below. 

Guidelines for Applicants, NGO Programme Lithuania (v 1.2)

Annex 1 - Outcomes outputs and indicators table

Annex 2 - Small scale project application form

Annex 2A - Project concept application form

Annex 2B - Large scale project application form

Annex 3 - Project Budget

Annex 4 - Applicants declaration

Annex 5 - Partner declaration

Annex 6 - Associated partner declaration

Annex 7 - Implemented projects

Annex 8 - Project Evaluation criteria and scoring grid


Updated 20 January, 2014